Power Brand Communications is...

a baby with over 35 years of experience. Whatever your communication challenge may be, we are more than ready to face it. Sure, making things worth talking about are back-breaking, but the rewards are always there.

'Nuff said, let's get you forward!

  • What We Do

    Like a lot of our cousins out there, we specialize in brand strategy, advertising, design, public relations, loyalty marketing, brand activation, channel planning and of course, digital world ranging from website development, internet marketing campaign, to social media campaign.

    So what makes us different then? Work with us, you'll see it for yourself.

  • Why We Do It

    It's funny, communications agency isn't all about glitz and glam job like most would think. While the money is fair enough to buy us some beers and pizzas, mostly passion is what really drives us. We love ads in all its form. They're like music to the ears.

    Well, ours anyway.

  • How We Do It

    A span of well over 30 years has given us enough time to experiment with a lot of different methods to do the job efficiently. It's a fact that a proper research + strategic planning + fresh and well-built creative works simply equals the good stuff.

    The recipe works so well that we've even decided to give it a name.

The Power Tools

Yup. As simple as it goes, here's how the formula really works:

  • Power Tick

    Nothing is more crucial than to understand who our consumers really are. What truly ticks them. Exploring on their needs, wants, dreams and you'll love this: their readiness to buy.

  • Power Plot

    Now that we're equipped with all the necessary knowledge, at this stage it'll all be about connecting the dots. Strategically plotting the foundation of the very pillar we'll be using to bridge from our end, to the consumer's land.

  • Power Vibe

    From here on out, it's all about the creativity. Bringing forth the buzz, the vibe, the zest, all in a sequence with the focus of sparking more energy to the brand.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

To top everything off, here's something that worth just as invaluable as the ideas themselves: teamwork. A forte that we always think highly of. Simply put, no teamwork means no salary. Kidding. No teamwork simply means no glory.

Here are some of our key people:

  • Wirahadi Handali
    Wirahadi Handali the Founding Father

    A highly respectful individual that has been traversing in countless quarters. You won't have to go the long way to The Yellowstone National Park to find a giant tree because he is the sequoia. One that has been strongly guarding our entire ecosystem for a staggering 3 decades.

  • Ferro Miryantoro
    Ferro Miryantoro the Witty Storyteller
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    A self acclaimed movie geek who goes by the mantra that ideas pull the trigger, but instinct loads the gun. This comical aquarius believes the soul knows better than the mind, thus fabricating ideas born out of intuitive heart always does the trick. When most ad-man claim to be vivid storytellers, this visionary prefers to be an impersonator of the story, hence projecting a quirky-but-witty idea attitude.

  • Oca Amarlis
    Oca Amarlis the Quiet Observer
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    Taking snapshots - that's what she's good at. As it happens, it also defines her approach towards doing her work. Always ever so effortlessly coordinated, nothing comes unplanned with this wonderful lady.

  • Eric Handali
    Eric Handali the Curious One
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    To him, everything on this planet deserves a âwhy?â. Having a bottomless knack to explore & question just about everything under the sun without question played a mammoth role in his flair of all things strategic. Believing he could change the world one itty-bitty step at a time has become his aspiration, and is certainly what he does best.

  • Felicia Handali
    Felicia Handali the Devil Does Wear Prada
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    For this dainty lady, dessert plus coffee is equal to pure reverie. Be warned though: donât be fooled by her façade. This petite individual is as punctual as the Singaporeâs MRT schedule, getting all the jobs done at bullâs eye accuracy unyieldingly for years. One can only imagine how unfortunate her fellow workers are. Lucky for you though.

  • Patrick Handali
    Patrick Handali the Knowledge Seeker
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    This culinary enthusiast isnât your regular joe. His appetite for knowledge is insatiable. Being one of the youngest of the whole carouse doesnât stop him from contributing to our armaments. He has a promising aptitude for adding a curious, often an unorthodox-cherry-on-top touch to our final solutions.

What we have is a whole strip of crews that have a colorful backgrounds and experiences. Aside from the company's own list, amongst each everyone of us are lucky enough to had been able to dip our hands in prominent brands ranging from Ajinomoto, BNI, BII, CIMB Niaga, ANZ, Astra Honda Motor, Indosat, Kalbe Farma, SOHO, Multi Bintang, Sequislife, Tiger Airways, Pertamina, J.CO, Aqua, UNICEF, Kraft, Toblerone, Oreo, DBS, to Telkom Indonesia are just a few names.

So, there you go. Don't wait a minute longer to unleash the fury of your brand. Please do feel free to buzz us anyway you like and we'll talk over coffee (it's on us!).

(Although, martinis are always preferred)