Buying behavior has always been the particular interest of marketers since day one as it directly associated with achievable sales. What has been the problem between marketers and the consumers is the gap of communications. The conveyance of message has always been one-way. With the advent of social media, consumers now are not only able to get across their own standpoint about brands, but in some cases, participate on the development itself – giving them a sense of ownership. This, is a true consumers experience.


What does this mean?


Imperatively speaking, it is in fact necessary for brands to have a digital presence in the digital world, especially in the social media scene.




Brands are now accountable than ever before. The raw power of word-of-mouth has been spoken out loud (no pun intended) in the digital world. Brands are in the middle of an extremely demanding time where one simple negative remark from a consumer in the digital space can snowball into disaster.


Lots of brands are trying to fit in to the social media landscape. Lots have succeeded, lots of have failed.


In the contrary, imagine a scene where brands are considered as a consumers’ friend. They will naturally be the brand’s advocate.


Now, social media has laid the path of basic foundation for brands to do just this.


Sure, a substantial amount of effort is definitely needed for brands to build a relationship with their consumers. However, once the structure is there, the latent reward is phenomenal. Not only buying decisions are made possible, they will also try to be the apostle of the brand, bringing even more value to it. Well, so long as the product does exactly what has been promised to consumers, anyway.


Social media is undoubtedly powerful, but it definitely is only a platoon in the whole army. An incredibly solid platoon, that is.


Has your brand been having a positive conversation with its consumers?


This article is contributed by Maya Republic – our counterpart that specializes in all things digital.